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Patricia Pihl, Personal Historian

The Benefits of Telling Your Story


Share your wisdom with future generations

Today, families are separated as never before and stories once told around the dinner table are now in danger of being lost forever. Pass your wisdom to future generations by sharing lessons on how you lived your life and what you learned from your experiences.

Strengthen the bonds within your family

A personal history is a lasting legacy for the people who are closest to you. It’s an opportunity to share your memories, values, beliefs and experiences with younger generations of your family, which will strengthen bonds.

Improve your health and sense of well being

Preserving your story has benefits to the teller and can be a rewarding and fulfilling process on its own. Life reminiscence has been shown to have health benefits including a greater sense of well being and understanding. As you review your life and its journey, new insights emerge which add even more to the lessons you have learned.

Honor their legacy

Maybe you’re interested in creating a personal history for a loved one rather than for yourself. Helping loved ones create personal history books can be a wonderful way to find out more about their lives, honor their legacy and celebrate the ways in which they’ve touched your lives.

Everyone has a story

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