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Patricia Pihl, Personal Historian


Imagine your story evolving from just an idea into a beautifully crafted book

Complimentary Consultation

  • During our first meeting we gather biographical information and discuss some of the major events and themes in your life. We will also discuss your goals and expectations for your book as well as your budget for the project.


Interviewing and Recording

  • Next we will schedule interviews, which are usually conducted in your home or a quiet place where we ask questions and encourage you to share your stories, observations and reflections.


  • An invitation is extended to you and other relatives to submit questions you’d like covered.


  • Depending on the project, this usually involves 6-12 interview hours over a number of days or weeks.


Transcribing, Writing, and Organizing

  • The digital recordings are transcribed and your stories are written and organized into a polished narrative, in your own words.
  • Research is conducted to provide historical context to events in your life.
  • As interviews progress you receive regular drafts of your story.
  • After you have read the entire manuscript and made corrections or deletions, we will revise and proofread for your final approval.


Book Production

  • If you wish to publish your manuscript, we will scan photographs and write captions, as well as consult with you on a design of your liking.


A Note About Pricing:

Fees to complete a memoir based on recorded interviews vary widely depending on the number of interview hours, length of manuscript with or without pictures, or if an entire book is completed. We will work with you to design a project that fits your goals and budget.

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