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Patricia Pihl, Personal Historian

Story Cards and the Benefits of Life Reminiscence

A story card provides a snapshot of a life including personal photos, a description of early years and what best defines a loved one's life. This serves to recognize a special person, milestone (such as a birthday) or memorialize a wonderful life.

Below is a card I created to honor my mother for her 90th birthday. I had friends and family sign the back at her party and placed it in a clear frame. She loved it as it provided a wonderful time of reflection with family. It sits in a special place near her bed to this day! Research has shown that life reminiscence or review can also have benefits, which include heightened dignity, an increased sense of purpose, more positive emotion and part of a greater healing process.


Celebrate a life with a legacy card

Give a story card to that special person and frame it for a one-of-a-kind gift. Or, compose your own memory book using ten or more photos with descriptions. Contact me today at (716) 753-0987 for more information.

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