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REAL LIFE Legacies

Patricia Pihl, Personal Historian

About Pat

“I want to tell your story”

Pat composed her first creative writing piece in fifth grade, prompted by an image a teacher used to spur the writing process. The assignment would serve as a catalyst for her life-long interest in writing. She would hone this skill throughout her career.


Working as an editor and writer, Pat connected with people from all walks of life. As she listened to and wrote their stories, she realized the importance of recording life’s experiences – which has known benefits to the teller and is a great way to connect generations.


She founded Real Life Legacies in 2014, starting with her mother’s story “Bella.” The book begins with her childhood life in the in the Italian countryside. It was a peaceful existence that would be shattered by World War II and the German occupation of her country. But it was the chance meeting with an American G.I. that would change her life forever!  Maria’s book given as a gift on her 90th birthday, was warmly received and provided a wonderful time of reflection with family. It sits in a special place in her bedroom to this day!

Everyone has a story

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